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Restiamo sdraiati qui per sempre is a graphic novel and an experiment by Federico Chemello and Alberto Massaggia. They created the storyboards together, working without a set story and improvising quite a lot of it along the way.
The story was published online by the italian website Lo Spazio Bianco in Jan/Feb 2016, it was nominated as Best Webcomic at the “Premio Boscarato” awards in 2016 and then expanded and published in print by Shockdom in 2017. READ THE STORY (Lo Spazio Bianco, ITALIAN ONLY) READ ON OUR WEBSITE (ITALIAN ONLY) BUY THE BOOK (ITALIAN ONLY)

Federico Chemello e Alberto Massaggia

Release date: Jan/Feb 2016 (Lo Spazio Bianco), June 2017 (Shockdom)