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Rosaviola is a lively princess and she lives in Rondivalle's castle among a lot of prohibitions and restrictions imposed by her overprotective parents. In an old diary written by his grandpa, the girl finds a possible solution to her unbearable situation, but to get what she needs she'll have to escape from her golden cage first... A kids series written by three members of Dayjob Studio, drawn by Cinzia Di Felice and published in France by Clair de Lune: BUY THE FIRST VOLUME (FRENCH EDITION) BUY THE SECOND VOLUME (FRENCH EDITION) BUY THE THIRD VOLUME (FRENCH EDITION) BUY THE FOURTH VOLUME (FRENCH EDITION)

Federico Chemello, Maurizio Furini and Riccardo Gamba Story
Cinzia Di Felice Art
Maria Giovanna Le Rose Colors

Release date: April 2015 (Vol.1, France), August 2015 (Vol.2, France), May 2016 (Vol.3, France), January 2017 (Vol.4, France)