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The Leaderboard is a tv show about monster chasers and it's the most popular show on the planet. Sean is 16 years old, he loves The Leaderboard and he wants to become a chaser by any means necessary, but will he be talented enough to do it?
You can follow his adventures on Facebook or buy the volumes on our online store, but keep in mind that right now it's only available in italian: READ THE LEADERBOARD (ITALIAN ONLY) BUY THE LEADERBOARD VOL.1 (ITALY ONLY) BUY THE LEADERBOARD VOL.2 (ITALY ONLY) BUY THE LEADERBOARD VOL.3 (ITALY ONLY) BUY THE LEADERBOARD VOL.4 (ITALY ONLY)

Federico Chemello, Maurizio Furini e Riccardo Gamba Story
Federico Chemello e Maurizio Furini - Script
Riccardo Gamba Art

Release Date: Since October 2014