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Training Quest is a comic strip which parodizes the shonen manga genre. Rush wants to become super-strong and in order to do that he decides to depart on a tough Training Quest. Follow Rush as he learns how to fend off for himself in a world full of quirky and dangerous characters, most of the times without fully understanding what's happening to him!
It's a silly series and we love it, hopefully you'll love it too.
You can read it for free on Facebook or buy the volumes from our online store, but keep in mind that the print edition is in Italian only. READ TRAINING QUEST BUY TRAINING QUEST VOL.1 (ITALY ONLY) BUY TRAINING QUEST VOL.2 (ITALY ONLY)

Riccardo Gamba, Federico Chemello and Maurizio Furini Story
Riccardo Gamba Art and colors

Release Date: Since October 2013 (Facebook)